What are auto shapes? What is the procedure to insert auto shapes in MS Word?

MS word also provides basic shapes like rectangle and circle to insert in the document. These are known as auto shapes. These shapes are available in Drawing toolbar. The autoShapes toolbar on Drawing toolbar is used to draw different geometrical shapes like arrows, flow chart symbols, stars and banners etc.

The procedure to insert autoShape in a document is as follows:

  1. Click View > Toolbars > Drawing from menu bar to display Drawing toolbar.
  2. Click AutoShape on Drawing toolbar. It displays different options for AutoShape.
  3. Select any autoshape to insert in the document. The cursor will change to +.
  4. Drag the mouse to draw the selected autoShape.

ms word_autoshape


Write a short note on word art.

Word art is a feature of Microsoft word programs. It is used to create stylish text in a variety of shapes. It provides the facility of stretching. Coloring and shading text. It converts text into graphics. Word art image is similar to other graphics in the document. It can be resized, moved, copied etc.

The following procedure is used to add word art in the document:

1. Click Insert > picture > wordart or click word art button in Drawing toolbar.

2. The Wordart Gallery will appear. Click on any style from Wordart Gallery.


3.  Click Ok. The Edit WordArt Text dialog box will appear.


4.  Type any text in the box and click Ok. The WordArt will appear in the document.


The following procedure is used to edit a WordArt:

1.  Select the wordArt in the document. The wordArt toolbar will appear automatically.


2.  Click on Edit Text…. Option on boolbar. Edit wordArt Text dialog box will appear.

3.  Change the text in the box and click Ok. The WordArt will be edited.