1. Define computer networks.  A computer network is a set of two or more computers connected together in order to share information and other resources. The computer in a network is connected with one anther through cables, satellite or telephone lines. It is also called information network.

2. Write three essential computer of every networks system. Three essential computer of every network system include hardware, software and people.

3. Give three general reasons for the importance of computer networks. Networks are used to share computer hardware. It reduces costs and makes it possible to take advantage of expensive computer equipment. Networks are also used to share data and programs that increase productivity. Networks are used to communicate with share data and people all over the world easily.

Information Networks - Short Questions

4. Define telecommunication. Telecommunication is process of transferring information over a distance via radio waves, optical signals or transmission line

5. List some benefits of computer networks.s Some important benefits of computer networks are information & resource sharing money saving and easy communication.

6. what is workgroup computing? Workgroup is group of persons working together or a particular task by sharing information through a computer network is called workgroup computing or collaborative computing.

7. Name different types of network models. There are two models of computer networks. These are client server model and peer-to-peer model.

8.Define the term client. Server is a special type of computer. It is used to control the whole network. The server performs most of the processing in client/server network model.

9. Define the term server. In client/server model, a computer connected in the network is called client. The client computer sends requests to the server computers.

10. Describe client/server model. Client-server model is a network in which one or more computers work as serves and other computers work as clients. The client computer requests a service from the server computer. The server computer provides the requested service to the client computer.

11. Define dedicated serverA dedicated server is used to perform a specific task. For example, print server computer is used to manage printers and print jobs. Database server is used to manage network traffic. File server is used to store and mange files.

12. what do you about peer-to-peer model?  All computers in peer-to-peer model have same status. There is no server computer to control other computers. The files and peripheral devices are distributed across several computers on the other computer that have access to it over the network.

13. how is peer-to-peer network different from client/server? In a peer-to-peer network, each computer can communicate directly with other computers on the network. Therefore, each computer plays the role of a server computer with respect to the other computer that has access to it over the network.

14. what do you know about hybrid model? Hybrid model is a combination of client/server model and peer-to-peer model. Many networks use a mixture of both network models. It can provide advantages of both models.

15. define standard. The standards are the documents that contain technical and physical specifications about the network being designed. The networks can be reliable and efficient by following certain standards

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