What is the purpose of mouse and keyboard? Discuss important events of mouse and keyboard.

Mouse and keyboard are the basic input devices used with personal computer. Almost every operating system running on PCs provide the facility to enter data and instructions through these devices.

Mouse and Keyboard


An activity that can be performed by using the mouse is known as mouse event. A typical mouse can perform the following events:

  1. Left click: it is the most frequently used mouse event. This event occurs when lift mouse button is pressed. It is used to select a graphical object such as an icon or text in a document. It is also used to press a button, close, open or minimize window etc.
  2. Right click: this event occurs when right mouse button is pressed. It is used to view the properties of an object such as file, folder or desktop etc.
  3. Drag: this event occurs when the mouse is moved while pressing left mouse button. It is used to select multiple items at a time. It is also used to move an object from one location to another.

Keyboard events

Keyboard events are the actions that can be performed by using a keyboard. Different programs perform different actions with these events. Following are the most common events triggered with a keyboard.

List different features of windows 2000.

Some important features of windows 2000 are as follows:

  1. Graphical user inter face

Windows provides graphical user interface. It uses windows, icons, menus and other graphical objects to issue commands. The graphical environment makes it easier to perform different tasks. It is also more stable and convenient interface.

  1. Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is the capability of loading multiple programs in memory and executing them at the same time, windows 2000 is a multi-tasking system. A single user can run multiple programs simultaneously. The user can edit a document while listening music.

  1. Multi-user

It means that many users can use the computer at the same time. These users can be connected to a computer over the internet. Windows 2000 is a multi-user operating system.

  1. Multi-processing

Multi-processing is the capability to support and utilize multiple processor at the same in a computer. Windows 2000 supports multiple processing. Two or more processors can execute different programs at the same time. It increases the output of the computer.

  1. Plug and play

Plug-and-play is the capability to detect and configure a device and install the appropriate device driver. Windows 2000 has the feature of plug and play. It contains a large number of device drivers. When a new hardware device I attached to computer, it detects the device and installs its driver if it is available.

  1. Backup and recovery

Backup and recovery feature is used to backup data and recover it in case of hard disk failure. Windows 2000 allows back up of files on hard disk or other media.

  1. Networking

Windows 2000 provides networking features. It provides the facility to establish, maintain and troubleshoot a network.