Docker, Inc. will carry on offering PaaS services under the dotCloud brand, but also devoting the vast greater part of its resources towards growing Docker and the Docker ecosystem

dotCloud, Inc., a Platform as a Service provider and the commercial body behind the open-source Docker project, has changed its name to Docker, Inc.

Docker is a project for that allows applications to be packaged and run on various infrastructures from bare-metal servers to cloud environments. Since its debut in March, Docker has been downloaded more than 100,000 times and become one of the fastest-growing open source projects. Docker was also chosen by Yandex’s Cocaine platform as the tools behind its infrastructure virtualization and app isolation.


The rebranding of dotCloud,

According to Docker, Inc. CEO Ben Golub, has been partly to do with the footing that the Docker platform has had since its release that has placed Docker at “the center of a vibrant ecosystem that is driving a significant change in how software is written, built, and deployed.” To support Docker’s continued growth (and profit from it), Docker, Inc. is now reorienting its business model towards Docker-related products and services.

According to the announcement, Docker, Inc. will continue to offer PaaS services under the dotCloud brand, but also devote the vast majority of its resources towards growing Docker and the Docker ecosystem.

Docker, Inc. will be focusing for the rest of the year on making Docker production prepared, strengthening the infrastructure that supports the community, and driving further progress in adoption, integrations, and usage.

In 2014, Docker, Inc. plans on introducing Docker-related commercial services counting managed services for developers, managed services for DevOps and systems administrators, and providing Docker professional service, support, and training, through a network of certified providers.