Write the procedure to apply input mask to a field.

An input mask controls the value of a record and sets it in a specific format. It is similar to Format property but it displays the format on datasheet before data is entered. A phone number field can be formatted with input-mask to accept ten digits as “(555) 123-4567”. The blank field will look like (___) ___ -___.

The following symbols can be used to create an input-mask:

Symbol Explanation
A Letter or digit
0 A digit 0 to 9 without a + or – sign and with blanks displayed as zeros
9 Same as 0 with blanks displayed as spaces
# Same as 9 with +/- signs
? Letter
L Letter a through Z
C or & Character or space
< Convert letters to lower case
> Convert letters to upper case


The following procedure is used to apply input mask to a field:

  1. Open the table in design view.
  2. Place the cursor in the field on which the input mask will be applied.
  3. Click in white space following Input-Mask under General tab.

apply input mask to a field

  1. Click “…” button. Input-mask wizard will appear.

Input mask wizard

  1. Select the required input mask.
  2. Click Next button.
  3. Type the required input-mask to change the input mask.

Input mask wizard 2

  1. Select the required placeholder character.
  2. Click Next button.
  3. Click Finish button.