We provide different type of services that give you exposures and opportunities in both online and offline life that’s why we defined Cybrok Internet Services into two parts, Soft Cybrok and Hard Cybrok.

Soft Cybrok

Web designing

Photo Editing

3D Graphics

3D Animation

Web hosting

PHP scripting





Content writing

General Internet Usage

Hard Cybrok

Business updates

Sweet Home

Health and Fitness

Art and Calligraphy


Skillful Hands

  • T-shirt Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Stamp Making

 Training Center

Hosting Services

General services

 Our training center works online. Our experts make video trainings on different software of graphics, animation, editing and maintaining online data etc.

Also our Training Center focuses on those who cannot work online by some reasons but they still need training for establishing some small business in offline. We provide some offline business trainings as well for example T-Shirt printing business etc.

cybrok internet service

 School and College Students Support Program

Our first target is the students, the wealth of our nation. We are helping them by telling them the pious and good use of internet. We have made a great website named desktopclass.com for the students of high schools and higher secondary schools. It is www.desktopclass.com. On this website you will get free tuition videos and text notes for your specific subjects such as chemistry, physics, biology, computer for ICS and also higher classes of MA, MSC and M. Phil even to PHD level. You will find great audio, video lectures from senior teachers. This website is great for school, college and university students.

 3D Software Training School

We have mainly 3 big training websites on 3D Software Maya and 3D Studio. Our website freemayavideotutorials is world’s top one video tutorials website on Maya software. On this website we provide free video tutorials of Maya Software. Maya is great 3D graphics and animation software. This software is mostly used in film industry for cartoon making, as well as this software is used for Architectural and Mechanical Designing.

Another great website on Maya training and free 3d models is www.mayavideotutorial.com. On this website we give free 3D models in great number. Hundreds of the free 3D Models are there on our website. As well as great step by step trainings can be found from this website on Maya Software.

Also we train 3D Studio Max. We have a website on 3D Studio Max video tutorials, www.free3dstudiomaxtutorials.com. On this website we provide free video tutorials of 3D Studio Max Software. Max is great 3D graphics and animation software. This software is mostly used in film industry for cartoon making, as well as this software is used for Architectural modeling and Mechanical Designing.

 Website Training Program

We also assist web developers and website or blog creators voluntarily. Although, we don’t have specific websites on web developers training but we assist them and help them in becoming a successful web developer. We know a lot of people are searching blogging, adsense, online earning resources and what not but most of them remain waiting for the good lucky, sunny day.

Especially for Pakistani users we are establishing a new great website on web hosting services in Urdu. The www.cybrokhost.com. It will help you get familiar with hosting, blogging, website making, adsense, affiliates and all about web developing. We also provide hosting services especially for Pakistani website and blog owners. We do not host them, we offer our services. Our services start from hosing plans to a complete running website. We purchase hosting spaces for them. We also promote our client’s business websites and blogs.

Offline Small Business Training Center

Because we are volunteers so we want to help our community especially those unemployed people who are looking for a job. We prepare our people for a small business of their own totally free. We have great training websites on small business training. Our website www.getskill.org is serving the internet community for a lot of things. You may find trainings on any topic you want. For example if you want to start a new business of T-shirt printing in your city, you may find detailed video tutorials there, that’ll be sufficient for your training. Also educational stuff, computer skills, many software applications such as AutoCAD, Adobe, Flash or any other software, as well as you may find web developing tutorials, WordPress tutorials and much more only from this website.

For offline small business we have established a great website on screen printing different materials. It’s www.screenprintingvideotutorials.com. On this website we provide free training on how to make a silk screen for printing purpose, how to start a small T-shirt printing business of your own, how to develop and expose a screen, how to make a rubber stamp, how to create a nylon stamp, how to print solid and hard surface with screen. This website makes you rich if you follow and learn the stuff from this website.

 Art and Culture

We love to promote Art and Culture. We have excellent website on Art, Paintings, Calligraphy and Cultural wealth. They are www.mehrart.com and www.greenpakistan.net. This website contains a lot of calligraphic work and paintings. We provided thousands of images created by our Artists for a free use for our visitors. This contains Islamic Calligraphy, Arabic Calligraphy, English Calligraphy, oil paintings, water color paintings, and how to paint with oil and water color tutorials.

Health and Fitness

We are working hard for the betterment of health and fitness of our fellow humans especially for the welfare of our region and country. Our website, www.deraismailkhan.org is especially for a specific region,  but www.healthandphysicaleducationteacher.com is for all humans. Also we have a great website on woman and child health named www.nailhairskincare.com. As well as www.gulji.com and online www.freecookingrecipesonline.com is for domestic users.

We divided all of our services into 3 categories.

Training Center

Hosting Services

General services