The computer technology is vital for every functional area of an organization and IT systems are integral to every functional area. In finance and accounting , for example, managers use such systems to forecast revenues and business activity, deremine the best soures and uses of funds, manage cash and other financial determine the best sources, analyze investments , and perform audits to ensure that the organization is fundamentally sound and that all financial reports and documents are accurate.

At home, computers can help us to shop , determine our bank balance and pay bills . At work place , computer skills are needed for success in almost every occupational area.

For business , with today’s increased competitive and global markets,

It is almost impossible for an organization to stay competitive without the widespread use of computer technology . Another advantage of computer  technology on working practices is the move towards the paperless office in which all data is held in computer files and there is no hard copy at all , The typical traditional office with filing cabinets full of files , trays of documents and correspondence awaiting or having received attention, desktops and computer terminal would be all that was required.

The writer does not believe that many, if any, organizations have actually achieved this but it’s supposed to be the coming thing. In the field of education, teaching and learning are being profoundly influenced by the possibilities introduced by computer technology.

Significant changes have also taken place through the impact of interactive technology web-cams, video conferencing and so on. Not so long ago if it was necessary to talk with a group of clients the only way to do it was either to arrange a meeting that all of them could attend (always a tough thing to do) at a reasonably central venue to which nobody had to travel too far, travel there (perhaps involving an overnight stay) and confer, or to hold a series of telephone conversations with each one individually and keep on getting back to them until the matter was settled to everybody’s satisfaction.

Now, through the internet and web cams a video conference can be set up in which everybody can take part without leaving their own office.  This doesn’t even take into account the overall impact of the Internet on the information levels available to business. The following are some of the major applications.

Application_and_Uses_of _omputer