CAD are used for display design and build production prototypes in software, test them as a computer object according to following given parameters.

Compile parts and quantities lists.

Outline production and assembly procedures

Transmit the final design directly to machines.

CAD has many different applications some of them like designing new car or aircraft, bridge and building. Making changes to a design requires a large number of complex calculations.

A CAD (see in fig) system needs a high-resolution monitors, input devices (such as mouse, keyboard, graphic tables, and scanners etc.), and output devices (such as printers and plotters).

CAD (see in fig) use often has the capability of displaying a three-dimensional object and speedily rotating it in any direction using controls on the keyboard.


Bbuild Production Prototypes in Software

Fig (b) Using_of computer Aided design software

CAM Software

Computer-Aided manufacture (CAM) is used to control all the part of a manufacturing process. CAM software uses digital design output, such as system are manufactured following goods.

Product can be made very accurately and consistently.

Around the clock production is much cheaper.

A product’s design can be modified without the need of bringing production to computer standstill.