Urdu is the national language of the Muslims. This language was introduced by Indian Muslim. It is combination of all the other languages. There are 28 alphabets in Urdu. This language is written from right to left side. When the Mughal emperor arrived in South Asia, Their Mother tongue was Turk language but here they adopted the Persian language. This Persian language was although a perso-Arabic language. But it grew developed and its new name was Urdu.

There are much similarity in talking Hindi and Urdu but the writing method is quite difference. Urdu is written in Nastaliq calligraphy style whereas Hindi writing style is Sanskrit. Naskh is the new shape of the Nastaliq calligraphy. Nastaliq is also famous for writing Arabic script.

The calligraphy is an expression to display the feeling and skill on the canvas. The calligrapher use pen, water color or oil color for the script writing. As Naskh script has many curves to make a word so it is best script for Urdu and Arabic script calligraphy. The following art is reflected the Arabic calligraphy in well manner. The word used in this script is Urdu alphabet. The Islamic script calligraphy expresses the religious feeling of the Muslim. It is best for transmission of the Holy Quran and Teaching of Islam.

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