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Free Maya Video Tutorials

Free Maya Video Tutorials Blog

New Skinning Features in Maya

In Maya 2011 now, we can create better skinned characters with extra sensible deformations within a lesser amount of time. Innovative skinning tools and workflows...

Video-Creating Follow Camera

This is 3d rendering and camera setting lesson for 3d modeling and animation learners and you will learn how to assign a camera to 3d...

Video-How to Texture 3d Buildings

This is basic 3d modeling lesson of texturing for those 3d modeling and 3d animation students who want to learn how create nice 3d texture...

Video-Creating Constrain Lights

In this 3d modeling and animation series lesson now you will learn how to create lights for our 3d rocket model in 3d modeling and...

Super Toon Sample in Maya Modeling

Here this tutorial is with very interesting topic of Maya. In this tutorial you will learn about how to create super toon sample for cartoony character. The character model is based on sketched image with free hand drawing. In the beginning of this tutorial you are being introduced with these sketches doing different task. The character is standing near a dustbin and in further images the waste material is spreading around. The drawing is pretty much better for each of the step. There are separate images for all task

selection mode in Maya

Selection Masks in Maya 2012

In this tutorial we shall learn how to use selection mask remaining in Maya. First of all find out selection mask file and open it in Maya. You are seeing in this scene that the current model given in this tutorial is created with the help of different object setup. Here in this project NURBs primitives, polygonal primitives are together used along with lighting affects and some particle affects. The scene is already created and when we play the animation, the scene creates such situation as shown in this video. When we use selection mask, more options appear on the shelf menu. The object setup in this scene is still little bit confusing,


Patch Modeling a Face in Maya

Learn here on this site about all modeling and animation projects working in Maya. This specific tutorial is about patch modeling of face in Maya. We are working in Maya 2010, so you also use same version of Maya. Split the viewport setting into orthographic viewport and view the model from different angles. Take polygonal cube and use it for patching. Take start from nose from front viewport at Y-axis. In this situation, the object manipulation

Advanced Maya 2012 Rigging

Here you will learn about character rigging in Maya 2012 with some advanced features. The character basic skeleton is created with the help of joints set up. The model is in standing position with stretching arms. The model is now in wireframe mode. The character is rigging from joint set up. There are main joints at wrist, elbow, shoulder point and these joints are used for moving, rotating and stretching the arms for performing any action. It is better to use outliner; it allows you to modify the shape of the model along with joints.