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Balanced Diet

It is not necessary to assessment the components item for item in choosing a meal or preparation a menu. A well-balanced diet contains every the nutritious foods required for healthy growing children. Studies show...

Margarita Pizza Recipe

Margarita Pizza Recipe

Pizza was called the food of the poor’ in 18th century. It is said that queen margarita wished to eat pizza when she heard of it. She tasted and found it very delicious later,...


Contemporary and Relaxing Beauty Salon

A beauty parlor was at first established for dealing of makeup treatment either for men or women. Salon and Spa are the secondary and modified shape of beauty parlor, another difference between beauty salon...


Massage is manipulation of muscles

Massage is manipulation of muscles and integrated tissue to make them easy and ready for performing more action and function. Massage is sometime acted upon to reduce the pressure of continuous work and make...


The Ultimate Theology of Abortion

Abortion is one of the greatest tragedies of the twentieth century—if not the greatest! Far more human beings have been killed through abortion than in all the wars of our century! The destruction of...

Abortion and the Incarnation

Abortion and the Incarnation

I do not advocate premarital sex, and no one should misunderstand the following statements as either an implied or explicit approval of sexual involvement without the bonds of marriage.


Guest is a blessing of God

But Guests are of different types. There are those you would like to receive all the time, even at odd hours. Blessed are those ones. They include one’s valued friends or partner. The presence of such guests lightens your own stress and burden.