This tutorial screen printing video is about custom tee shirt printing using a high technology based method. Screen printing in this method is very easy and quick technique of printing a design on tee shirt.
A custom tee shirt printing shown in this free tutorial video mentions the use of an electric silk screen printer. And there is no need of the liquid photo-emulsion paint in this advance silk screen printing. Whether you are new in silk screen printing you create excellent silk screen prints due to this electric screen printer. It covers all the handicraft method of screen printing to the short and easy mechanism of screen printing. You can learn here other method of screen printing also and apply the classical screen printing techniques. But here is another new way of screen printing which a man with less knowledge and skills can perform amazingly perfect in screen printing after learning these short techniques using electric screen printer.
One Silk Screen Print

    You need this necessary stuff:

      A thin metallic screen with properly stretched mesh
      Photo-emulsion paper
      An electric screen printer machine
      A dark black design which you want to screen print on your article
      Colorants for shirt
      A squeegee and water sprayer

  1. First of all spray some water on the screen so that it becomes wet and cohesive for the photo emulsion paper.
  2. Then place the photo emulsion paper over it but the shiny side of the paper should be up and other side should be attached to screen. Make sure that you keep your photo-emulsion paper cover in black envelop etc and it should not be exposed to light before use.
  3. Using squeegee place the paper fitting it as perfect as possible on the screen and then put your screen in the drying unit of the screen printer. For about time till the photo emulsion on the paper must stick to the screen then take your screen out and separate the shiny plastic sheet from it. You have a screen coated with photo-emulsion now.
  4. Put the design under the emulsion side and then close the exposure unit till sufficient time. After complete exposure time the machine itself rings.
  5. Take out your screen and then using water pressure spray you can take out your stencil on the screen watch next video for the next things to be done for screen printing.

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