In this free tutorial you will learn how to make tee shirts’ designs with screen printing. It is an easy and cheep way to turn simple tee shirts into a piece of Art. You can start learning tee shirt printing here on this website after a few day training you can setup your own screen printing press.

When you start screen printing work then at the maximum for high level screen printing press setup you require up to $ 2000/- to buy complete stuff and at lower level your complete stuff will cost you 20 % of this money but don’t worry at what level you start it, Success is IshaAllah promised because this field has such a big scoop which can show many other screen printing ways also such as cards printing, fabric printing, logos printing, signage and labels printing and many other to tell.

This video describes how to screen print tee shirts. First thing is stenciling screen and the second is creating design on the tee shirt with colorants. For the details of each and every single one step watch each free tutorial video of each step and here watch this whole process in a quick over view of tee shirt printing.