emulsion on silk screenIn screen printing, the screen is central part for printing process. The screen is required to apply emulsion for printing. The emulsion is something like a thick solution easily available in market. These are of different types of color and sizes. You can say that it is main source for getting print in case of any printing. The emulsion copies the sketch of image onto screen and then it is easily got on any kind of medium. Particular tool is used for applying emulsion on screen which is called scoop coater. Generally it is suggested to fill this scoop coater full of emulsion so that you nothing need of re-applying emulsion. The applying technique is also differed from custom method because the screen is made up of very thin material. It can tear with just little extra force. Apply this scoop coater from bottom to top because in this way you can easily apply falling material again on the screen. When you are sure that the emulsion has covered the required area then keeps it for specific time in front of light. This is called screen exposing. You can expose the screen either in front of sunlight which is custom method of exposing. Otherwise you can also expose screen with the help of electrical exposing box. Anyhow, screen exposing also can be learnt from other tutorials available on this site.