You are going to learn here on this site about how to print plastic badge from simple screen printing. Screen Printing is widely spread work. There are screen prints on most the things offered in the market. The clothes, utensils, the plastic objects glass made things, paper media, all of the thing which you see some printed on them most of the time it is application of the Screen printing. Here in this tutorial the plastic badges are being screen printed. You print any design by getting it stencil on the screen and then creating it on the surface which you want to screen print. This website is a free academy of Screen Printing you can learn this skill and with a little investment you can open a small industry n a room at your home and earn thousands of dollars with your skill. The printing text can be formatted in Microsoft Office and when it is selected finally, then get this newly formatted text onto plastic or other transparent material. Now we have it in hardware copy of text. Take screen and place plastic material under the screen. Put the screen in inverse position and apply your desired emulsion. Stretch the emulsion onto screen with squeegee and squash it inside the area. In no time the print will be transferred on the plastic piece. It is quite easy to learn and do, you can also try and perform this job at home. The screen printing is one of the reasonable professions that one can adopt with normal investment and then earn tremendously.