Screen printing requires larger frame for T-shirt and fabric printing. Similarly when you are required to create stamp, visiting card and business card, you have to use smaller frame of screen printing. Both of them are easy to control according to your application. After exposing the screen in the light which has been told in the last tutorial video now you will learn how to clear your screen to get out your stencil on the screen.

For this purpose remember that your exposure time is enough to harden the light sensitive emulsion other wise the screen will have to be re-coated and all the process will be repeated and also the screen should not be over exposed other wise the clearing of stencil will become difficult.


    For good result follow these instructions:

  1. After the proper exposure of screen leave the screen for five minutes and then take it in bathtub to avoid splashing on ground.
  2. Wash the screen with garden hosepipe nozzle.
  3. Spray water from the front side more for sharp stencil but other side can also be sprayed wash.
  4. Using only one pressure spraying stream can help for quick clearing instead of many spraying streams like that of shower hose.
  5. You can also use hand for rubbing away the unhardened paint.
  6. Watch this free tutorial and next for complete screen printing training.

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