Screen printing is the most wide spread applications of printing. It is the process of creating designs, signage, labels, logos and text on the tee shirts, greeting cards and visiting cards, in plastic made things as the kitchenware, CDs and DVDs and plastic body of all devices and things similarly metallic article like tin packs and other metallic article.
Screen printing is done for publicity, information and designing etc.
In this free tutorial video you will learn how the screen printing of tee shirt is done on commercial level. There is alternative method for the beginners of screen printing. For example here is a professional exposing mechanism you can expose your screen under 1000 watts bulb for 10 minute exposure time.
How to 4 minutes silk screen print! If you do not have frame holder then you can do this job with hands. But once your business is developed and you have big demands of work then you should adopt professional ways to keep pace with your demand and supply. Watch an interesting over view of screen printing in this free video tutorial.