Here is another tutorial about screen printing techniques; the screen printing is called perfect if it has fine and smooth result. There is much cared about the smooth and cleanliness in screen printing, therefore the screen printing workers use gloves for the sake of cleanliness.

The screen is made up of platinum or wooden frame have a mesh in the center. The mesh is used as a medium for stretching emulsion with scoop coater. You should have great care of while applying emulsion because if emulsion made your hand dirty, then it is chances of dirtiness in your printing also while holding screen in your hand. The gloves make you easy and comfortable in your work without any dirtiness.

tutorial about screen printing techniques

Always drop ink on the screen in this way that it flew away in down position and you are easy to stretch it at whole screen. This job fills the mesh screen completely. The screen printing workers use squeegee for this task, a squeegee is made up of rubber blade which helps you to stretch the ink on the screen in plain way. There is no fear of exploding the screen because of its smooth rubber blade. Always stretch that ink which is still in wet position otherwise slightly dried emulsion will split the screen or make its surface rough. So these are some point for you to avoid your printing from dirty results.