Tee shirts printing is a designing technique for the printing design on tee shirts. On this website you will learn how to screen print tee shirt. We teach you complete screen printing course from introduction of screen printing to the final print outs on the screen printed tee shirts.

You will get all the knowledge you want to learn about screen printing whether you want to learn how to screen print tee shirt, how to screen print posters and screen printing of cards and screen printing of the plastic material like utensils, registration marks on the devices part of machinery and metallic articles for example; tin packs.

Tee Shirts Screen Printing Course

Screen Printing Tutorial Videos

We have complete set of screen printing tutorial videos for learning complete screen printing course. You come to know why to choose screen printing business and how to screen print and how to setup screen printing business on initial stages and then on industrial scale. You also come to know about how to make your screen printing designs more attractive and fashionable so that you can get maximum output from screen printing.

This specific tutorial video is a quick over view for the screen printing designs preparation methodology. You learn how to prepare design for stenciling your photo emulsion coated screen so that you can further use it for screen printing design on tee shirts etc.

Screen Printing Tutorial Videos

Methods for Preparing Stencil

There are many methods for preparing stencil and designs so that you get you screen stencil ready for screen printing. But here one of the most important and latest methods is being taught to you for screen-printing. other methods are preparing your stencil on screen with cutting out a negative of design on paper placing it on the screen in this way you get positive design on open on the screen so colorants pass through this open pattern area and screen print are achieved.

There is another method in practice that you can put you design under the screen and using acrylic paint your can block the screen hole other than design area and leaving the design area open which is further used in screen printing method. Here is another method told that is photo-graphic emulsion method to learn more about this method of stenciling screen go to the video part and learn how to prepare a stencil on screen which is coated with photographic emulsion.