Welcome to the best Tee shirt Printing With Stencils. This screen printing learning website is rich in its content where you can learn how to screen print any article. Screen printing is a technique of designing any type of article using a screen make up of a wooden frame and silk mesh.

A stencil is created on the screen using photo emulsion method, blocking up method or cutting out a negative area of design on paper and then placing it on the screen for stencil and this stencil is a certain type of pattern of holes through which colorants pass and design the underlying article. Here you will learn that how to screen print tee shirts using a stencil sheet. Instead of preparing stencil on silk screen and then using it for screen printing you will learn how a ready made stencil paper used to screen print a tee shirt.

Tee shirt Printing With Stencils


    1. A stencil is already there on the paper or that can be a sheet of synthetic polymer etc.
    2. A screen is taken with just a silk mesh stretched on it.
    3. Screen printing colors of with the color which you want to screen print.
    4. A simple tee shirt and a squeegee
    5. First of all place a card board paper of flat piece of wood in the tee shirt so that color could not reach the other side of the tee shirt.
    6. Then place the stencil sheet on the tees shirt and then place the silk screen on the tee stencil sheet.
    7. After that pour color on the screen and then using squeegee coat it over the design area of the stencil sheet above the screen.
    8. Then gently take your shirt out your screen print of one shirt is ready. Your can now onwards screen-print other tee shirts.

For more details watch this free tutorial video now and many more other for complete screen printing skill.