Look at Tagless Threads in action! See them Screen-Print a run of two thousand T shirts for the Vista Strawberry 5000 Run. Tagless Threads use the Simulated Screen-Printing process which blends halftones to make a detailed photo-realistic image. The inks used here are Water Based inks which are created using colors to make high class, soft-hand prints in both look and feel. Screen-Printing with Water Based inks is Tagless Threads’ standard printing method.

What is Simulated Screen-Printing? It is an advanced method that uses halftones of some ink colours to represent the colours in the original design. We like to say the image looks like “full colour process” (CMYK), but it isn’t. This process differs from Four Colour Process (CMYK) in that the inks are solid opaque colours typically printed on dark coloured shirts. Because the shirts colours are usually dark, simulated process normally requires the use of a white base. Tagless Threads use Simulated Process because it works best on darker garments such as black or brown. Tagless Threads is able to get this while still using soft-hand (water-based) inks which creates the final product more professional in both look and feel.