Five easy steps: Learn here in this tutorial about screen printing process in five easy steps. This particular screen printing is about T-shirt printing on smaller scale as a hobby or just for fun. You can also use screen printing for your source of income as side business.

This professional artwork bears no heavy budget for starting it as your business. You don’t require buying or using expensive equipment to get started. In this way you don’t have to restart this process from initial stage. You must have some T-shirts for printing. According to the number of T-shirts, you can decide for printing material.

Step 1: Find a plane flat surface for performing this process.


Step 2: According to custom screen printing method,


Step 3: A flat and plane surface supports the process much better. Stretch towel or other fabric under the screen so that you may save the printing from dust.


Step 4: Use scotch tape to fix the stencil at right place and put emulsion.


Step 5: After repeating stretching process for one or two times, the shirt will automatically receive print on the shirt. IN this way you can print multiple T-shirts with single emulsion in short period of time.

T Shirts-Screen-Printing