T Shirts Printing Method: Tee shirts are the most common dressing article all over the world. Screen printed tee shirts are the most famous and popular in the class of tee shirts. Although there are other ways to design tee shirt but screen printing is the most conventional style of designing for sports kits, regular tee shirts, label shirts and signage tee shirts.

They were first used as under garment by the US Navy and then became popular all over the world.

In this free tutorial video screen printing method has been described. You will learn how to screen print tee shirts with your custom screen print designs.

Type of Design

The type of design which you want to screen print on tee shirts decides porosities of the silk mesh if the design is bold and then pore size of the silk mesh hole will be large and if the design is thin with small details on it then pores size will be small. But the design on transparent sheet must be such that the design boundary small or big must be totally opaque to light otherwise they will destroy the whole screen and you stencil will not be formed on screen.