T-shirt from reasonable method of screen printing

Learn here about how to print your own T-shirt from reasonable method of screen printing. You can print desire T-shirt printing at low price with simple way. The screen printing is very wonderful technique of T-shirt printing. You have seen many Guys wearing different T-shirt with multiple quotation and images. The images can be created with different computerized software application then it is obtained onto transparent material. This transparent material may be plastic or clothes. The T-shirt printing is also printed with same traditional printing method. The experts recommend to use printing board machine for such T-shirt printing. First of all it needs to get design for the shirt, the design should not have enough stuff that appear rough and create bad impression on other.

Choose the specific design

specific-designTherefore always choose the specific design that suits your personality and also shirt fabric type. You can also create design at your choice using adobe photo shop, it is much better to design for your shirt yourself. Once you select the design place it on the screen, apply emulsion on it. But do this process in the dark room. Apply the emulsion on the both side of screen with scoop coater; another thing to remember is hold the frame in erect position. After applying emulsion, keep it for drying in sunlight or screen exposing machine for 30-40 minutes. When it dries, wash it out with water spray, or other source. Wash the whole screen from every corner. Don’t apply hard pressure because in this way your screen may damage. Now the print is ready for transferring and printing. So stay here and we shall teach you about how to transfer the print onto other medium.

Learning material

Learning_materialLearn here on this site about screen printing where you fill get what you want. The learning material is available in text format along with videos. These videos are made by professionals of screen printing. All videos contain some useful information about screen printing. The tutorials are available in category-wise so that you could find relevant topic easily by following required category. It is ordered beautifully that you can learn the concept and skill with step by step method. The screen printing is a skill which allows you to print with reasonable budget and realistic result. It offers many products which are made under screen printing applications. The screen is major part of screen printing which provides platform for performing whole process.Besides screen, there are many other tools such as squeegee, emulsion and screen exposing machine.

The emulsion

the-emulsionThe emulsion is considered as secondary important part which is applied for taking print. The print result is conditioned with emulsion strokes and scooper coater or squeegee is used for stretching the ink onto screen. Then it is kept in screen exposing machine for few minutes and after this, it is washed out with water pipe pressure. When it is washed out, the required text sketch appears. At this stage it is again kept in sunlight or in front of electric fan. Now it is ready for printing, take required T-shirt and apply emulsion strokes to get the print on shirt. Here the shirt is passed through steam machine and finally it is ready for sending in the market.