Hi! Here is one of the easiest ways to prepare your screen printings screen. In this silkscreen printing lesson we teach how to prepare fully stretched and perfect screen for silkscreen printing.

If you are doing silkscreen printing at business level or you want to learn silkscreen printing for skill or else you want to start silkscreen printing as small home business then make sure that you are using the most proper instruments for silkscreen printing and you are following the profession line which are used in factories of silkscreen printing.

This will not only improve your silkscreen printing skill but also it directly benefits you with improved silkscreen printing of designs and brings quality in your work which will be symbol of you and will bring more customer to your silkscreen printing studio.

Start Screen Printing with Professional Quality Screen Prints

Here in this silkscreen printing video tutorial is the simple way told about how to make a quality screen prints for your silkscreen printing business. So let’s learn how to prepare the most proper screen for silkscreen printing without using nails etc. and start screen printing with professional quality screen prints.


Aluminum Frame
Mesh (polyethylene)
Stretching system as told here or you can take help from your co-workers
Scoop coater
Photo-emulsion paint with sensitizer


    1. First of all make sure that Aluminum frame you are using has smooth edge, you can also use the wooden frame for this purpose of screen printing.
    2. Place the frame on some uniform and smooth surface if you have stretching system like this then fit you screen and then stretch mesh tightly on the frame and then apply the glue on the all the edges.
    3. Then let the glue be dry and mesh be stuck with frame, the using the cutter cut the extra part of the mesh.
    4. Then take you scoop coater make sure that it coater side is smooth, pour sensitized Photo-emulsion on scoop coater and then coat the screen once from both sides.
    5. Now let the screen be dry in dark place.

For more details watch this video tutorial of screen printing now.