In this tutorial of screen printing, you will learn how to do. Color separation in adobe photo shop for screen printing

Everyone knows the screen printing is basically using for T-shirt printing and other basic printing. We need sometime color separation for specific purpose; therefore it needs to share this tutorial with you to meet the problem easily.color-sepration

Image Setting and Text Arrangement

You will have seen in many scenes when you are working with image setting and text arrangement, you need to handle the color setting. It happens mostly in ads or other pamphlets publishing, the color is mixed up with one another. If you have control on color assigning, then you will be enable to print out thousand of shirt or ads at the same time with one color application.

It is pretty much difficult to use multiple colors setting on T-shirt. The traditional printing does not have any problem of color separation, it is happened in printing press machine, because the T-shirt printing is done through this process.

There are several boards on these machines and you can do a lot of work at same time. The printing presses use this way only for the sake of time saving and easy working. You can design the content and image color in Adobe Photoshop and also can increase or decrease color level with ease.