The spoon flower is online website that is especially designed for the textile printing design. Open the site and create your account there. The account confirmation message will be received by you in e-mail. There will be a link for updating your account for spoon flower.

This will provide you your password and then using it you can sign in to the spoon flower. Once you sign in and then you can upload the image fabric design with ease by clicking on upload button. The image should be in JPEG and PNG image format and size for an image should be less then 25MB. Learn here about the printing on fabric, it is also kind of printing but lot of different with general printing.

Printing Textile Using Spoon flower

Design on the Fabric

The stencil are copied on the medium to design on the fabric, you will have seen many bed sheets and blankets with wonderful designs. These are designed with the screen printing application, although it is not quite similar to the actual screen printing method.

Suppose we have an image for uploading, say the group of birds, both in column and row shape. If the image factors are enough, then you can choose less quantity of birds or even single bird. It is depended on you need. Select the design and then adjust its setting and size. You can print them out on the fabric through printing machine.