Get a look below at the various art styles shaped using a wide diversity of graphics applications and techniques – ALL separated using the Spot Process engine. All of these separations have been silk screen printed on either physical or automatic presses with big success by silk screen printers with various skill levels. More than a grand separation engine for the pre press department – this is a tried and true press production solution.

NOTE: User must have internet admission to set up the program.

Can it actually be that simple?

YES! Open your art file (supports various file formats) and in just seconds Spot procedure Separation Studio delivers silk screen print friendly, color separated channels. Match the on screen Spot Process seps to your original file by using the built-in, targeted, and editing and colour enhancement tools. Output the seps, go to press and expect big results!

Running Spot development Separation Studio and achieving outstanding consequences is very easy and every shop can like the fruits of our labor and experience. From job one a lot of users will be sold on its ease of use and top quality reproduction. Others may require a few assistance understanding procedures they are unfamiliar with and we are here to help. What is most significant to your achievement is starting with a good, well saturated art file then following the sound pre press and press guidelines. They are simple to follow and in fact save you time and cash because shop standards reduce product waste and shop downtime. From file prep to print order and silk screen mesh counts to silk screen angles we have worked it out so you can achieve the best prints your shop has ever produced.
Software Features and Benefits!

Dynamic under Base An under-base, the foundation of every silk screen printing on colour garments, based on the colour dynamics of the original image allowing for smooth colour transitions and fades.

3 Black Options: 3 levels of black giving users options with this dangerous element in colour reproduction. These black options are NOT in use from limited cmyk conversions (an antiquated method) but are built
in a straight line from the original RGB.

Top White: An over-print white, critical in creating minor and tertiary colours.

Colour Enhancement: Orange and Brown enhancement features for the hard to arrive at spectral values.

Colour Merging: “Click of the mouse” colour merging option allowing you to further reduce the by now low number of channels.

NEW Multi Format Support: Open files (wide variety of popular formats) and Spot Process separates upon gap. Just colour edit and output. Work with JPEGs, TIFFs, EPS files, PSD files, RGB and CMYK files just to name a few.

NEW Direct Selection Tools (3 marquis shape options): For targeted color adjustments to separated Channels. This advanced feature delivers better control and better results.

NEW Saturate and De-Saturate (droplet and sponge icons): Targeted and universal colour saturation control to darken or lighten existing canal data.

NEW Eraser Tool (pencil eraser icon): Eliminate unwanted Channel data rapidly and simply. No need to bring separations into an image editing application like Photoshop to create edits.

For a Complete Understanding of the Features and Benefits – Enjoy a FREE, fully-functional Trial!

Spot Process Vue-Rite delivers easy to achieve and accurate high end halftone colour separations for textile printers.
The Leader in Automated Colour Separations:
1.  The industries first (1996), most accurate and easiest to use colour separation software
2.  Screen-print specific features designed by screen-printers for screen-printers
3.  Shipping our most powerful version!

Want to colour separate images rapidly and simply while achieving unmatched image accuracy?

Already have tonal colour separation software but don’t like the results you’re getting specially on press?
The first release of Spot Process in 1996 started a manufacturing revolution. Spot Process brought automation to the colour separation process with unmatched image correctness on screen and on press through an exclusive, mathematical algorithm. Freehand developed the VueRite technology for the most accurate on screen image preview and is built into Spot Process. Start using it today and colour separate with confidence.

Screen Print Specific Features:
1.  Dynamic Under Base
2.  3 Black Channel Options
3.  Top White
4.  Colour Enhancement
5.  Accurate Colour Preview
6.  Auto Colour Merging
7.  Auto save

Dynamic Under-base An under-base, the foundation of every one silk screen printing on colour garments, based on the colour dynamics of the original image allowing for smooth colour transitions and fades.