There is one and the only best method to stencil a silkscreen, which is to be used in the silkscreen printing, is the photo emulsion method.

In this method a photo sensitize potassium achromatic in the powdered or liquid form is mixed with the emulsion paint and made homogenized afterwards it is coated on the screen mesh but make sure that the mesh should be very tightly stretched on the frame of the silkscreen and should have a proper tension. Now after the coating the screen is kept in a dark room.

After it has been dried the design to be stenciled is taken on some transparent or translucent paper but the design area should by opaque. Now this design is attached with the silkscreen which was coated and dried. After that the screen is exposed to the bright sunlight or the flood light bulbs for the time duration depending on the weather conditions you can watch our other tutorials video on this topic to make the question of time of exposure clear.

Now during the exposure the part of screen coat other than the dark area of the design becomes very hard. After that the screen is wash with the water using garden pipe hose nozzle etc. and your screen is now ready to be used for screen printing a design on any object. Watch this tutorial video lesson for much better details.