Screen printing is a perfect source for you to print the T-shirt with simplicity. It is measured as more inexpensive way to print your Tee-shirt at home. You have seen the team Tee-shirts which are of same size form and design. These are designed very beautifully and you can print these shirts yourself using silk screen printing process. T-shirts are used in the history as garment for wearing beneath the qameez.

It is button less and with half sleeves. It is useful for both ladies and gents at the same occasion. It is style in the western countries mostly but now it is also developing in the Asia. Tee-shirts are made up of skinny fabric material and it is damaged mostly in summer period. In very old it was produced with simple color and without any cartoonic form. But freshly it became trend to print something fresh on these shirts. Usually the favorite heroes, wrestler and other paranormal hero images are printed on the shirts.

Tee-shirt in various colors

Sometime the favorite and famous quotation is also printed on them. Some time complex mixture of colors is used in Tee-shirt printing, it is separate method to print the Tee-shirt in various colors. It is very simple technique to design and print Tee-shirt using traditional process of screen printing.

First the design is selected and then its stencil is obtained. The Tee-shirts are printed through screen printing machines. These machines have many placing boards. You have to keep the shirt on the board and push down the screen on the Tee-shirt. Make sure that shirt is ironed otherwise pushed it well to obtain the design accurately. When you place the screen, the rest of process is much similar to the traditional technique.

Stay the stencil on the screen and fix it with magical tap. Apply emulsion on the screen well in every corner and on both sides. Repeat the step two or three times and when it is going to dry, place it for exposing. You can expose the screen by using electronic exposing box or keeping in front of natural sunlight.

It will take 30-40 minutes for exposing and then it is required to wash it out. Use the water spray to clean the screen from emulsion and constancy of this deed will show the content on the screen. Use squeegee to clutch the screen surface from water and now get a medium that you want for printing. Presume you want to print the Tee-shirt, then repeating the same way you can simply transfer the print onto Tee-shirt. Most information for tee-shirt printing please watch more video on our website in tee-shirt category.