During the near the beginning 1980s, the major textile printer in Japan, Seiren of Fukui, began mounting the opportunity of inkjet printing of material in a straight line. During 1989, it undertook to construct a developed capability for printing material digitally. By 1991, Seiren had additional inkjet printing to balance its analog operations. It had a small number of hundred piezo inkjet printing campaign constructed for its digital printing operations. It brought its substantial know-how with cloth inks to construct a digital fabric printing business through a yearly disgusting sales quantity in surplus of $100 million via 2000.

Seiren digitally prints textiles intended for automotive upholstery, vigorous and swimwear, banners, and clothing. It has also urbanized the procedure of digital dyeing. Seiren opened ViscotecsTM stores where clientele might arrange fabrics modified to their wants. It has also urbanized in sequence knowledge (IT) to provide online comeback to customer and manufacturing require for printed and tinted harvest. Seiren shaped a model with its ViscotecsTM digital arrangement for nimble developed that connects its accumulation customization manufacture operations in a straight line to the marketplace. It has comprehensive its digital printing of cloth approximately the globe with manufacture amenities in Japan, the United States, China, Thailand, Italy, Belgium, and Brazil.