This is another formula of making waterproof for silk screen because I have already mentioned a secret chemical formula for the same purpose before. If you want to visit that one please visit the page,

But this one is different. This is also very special thing. Before I mentioned it I want to explain a little what a waterproof chemical is in actual.


Silk Screen waterproof

Waterproof protects silk screen against damages that are usually caused by water colors when we run them onto the screen. Water colors are made in water, with water and by water that’s why they break the emulsion which we layer on our silk screen. Why so? Because our emulsion is also made by water, so water within color resolves the water within emulsion. Thus screen becomes scratched after a few prints on cloth. That’s why we use water proof chemical for water color printing on T shirts, hospital towels, handkerchiefs and other cloths.

Usually silk screen printers use readymade and well known labeled water proof chemicals for their screens. For example most of the T shirt printers use water proof of sericole company Germen. But they are costly.

Here I am going to put a very cheap formula. It has been secret till today. Here it is,

For protecting your screen from being damaged by this cause you should use simply a layer of liquid Potassium dichromate   onto the emulsion of your screen.

Let’s do it.

1.    Get fresh water 1 liter

2.    Get potassium dichromate 10 grams

Solve potassium dichromate into the water. Your chemical compound has been prepared. Now you can use it.

How to use a layer of potassium dichromate onto your silk screen?


When your silk screen is ready after exposing it with UV lights you should coat it with layer of diluted potassium dichromate. Use a piece of cotton or brush for layering the liquid.

That’s it.

Now, when you will run the water color onto the screen your emulsion will not be erased by the water within the water color.

Print as many prints as you want. Your screen has been protected now.

Thanks buddies!