Screen Printing is very easy and unique art in itself. It is advantage of screen printing that you don’t need of much investment in this profession if you are starting it at initial stage. It is recommended for new learners to learn it step by step. The learning tutorials about screen-printing are available on many sites and this site is especially designed for screen-printing lovers. Anyhow, now come to screen printing tools. The screen-printing don’t have any huge stuff, there are limited material needed for screen printing.

Some of them are discussed here; the Screen is the main and major part of screen printing. Besides them, the squeegee, emulsion depended upon the nature of your printing, though like an ink. The screen needs emulsion for getting sketch on the surface with stencil. The emulsions are applied on the screen and then stretch it with scoop coater. The scoop coater is used for applying coat of emulsion properly on the screen. The scoop coater has a rubber band in one side which stretches the emulsion. Once you have applied the emulsion on the screen, it goes dry after specific time duration. The screen will take enough time for drying if you have applied thick layer of emulsion.

Then this screen is washed through water pressure pipe or free flow of water. Apply water pressure in every direction and when it washed well then the stencil sketch will be appeared on the screen. You can transfer the sketch onto any medium, plastic, rubber, wood etc. The stamp, T-shirt and school badges are printed and made on same techniques. It is required to us to let us know you about screen printing tools. These tools are used in nearly every kind of printing. So this was the introduction of screen printing tools at basic level. In next part we shall read about how to print at larger scale for screen printing.