Here this is describing how to register a t-shirt design. In this free learning video on creation your own t-shirt designs with screen printing.Welcome to the screen printing learning website. Here you will learn about primary precautions to make during screen printing. When you screen printing T-shirt or doing any kind of screen printing you need to be careful in all steps of screen printing in order to get more useful results and excellent screen print on your T-shirts etc. screen-printing is a fast way of designing and you can design millions of articles with one screen only if the design is best quality wise and set perfectly on article being screen printed.

In this lesson you will learn how to improve your screen printing skill for screen-printing designs more beautifully on T-shirt, paper and cards etc. This website is serving for the best screen-printing training to teach all the methods in complete way so that you may screen print like an skilled screen printer.


    In screen printing you may face problems:

      Flaccid Screen mesh,
      Poorly coated screen,
      Poorly aligned design on screen-printing screen,
      There are many other problem and malfunction that may spoil your screen prints but here these four will be discussed go to free tutorial video part for more details of this methods now.

Welcome to the best screen-printing tutorial videos’ website on the internet. In this screen-printing website you will all the process of screen-printing, from how to make screen for screen-printing to the final screen print on tee shirts, poster and other application involving process of screen printing as designing technique.

We offer you learn screen printing for free without spending a penny for learning this skill of screen printing, we have the best of all screen printing tutorial videos collection and text for screen printing learning with respect to tee shirt screen printing and other designing process involving screen-printing like greeting card screen-printing, poster screen-printing, fabric screen-printing, plastic and metallic articles’ screen printing. Here you will learn how to make you screen-printing design perfectly aligned on screen and shirt by making necessary preparation like registration marks, water proofing of screen and properly coating of the screen printing screen with photo-emulsion paint.

Flaccid silk mesh:

Flaccid and not properly stretched screen can destroy the beauty of your screen-printing your designs on articles being screen printed will be over spread poorly and over lap on each other.

First of all you should stretch the silk mesh with as much tension on the mesh as you can apply there are many technique for stretching silk mesh on screen-printing screen and you will learn those techniques on this website. But if you do not make your screen water proof at the edges then this problem may occur even after you have stretched the silk mesh properly the reason is when you use screen many time the stretching force is lost by it and other reason is that when you screen is washed with water etc, its mesh become flaccid but you get rid of this problem by simply water proofing you screen at the edges with plastic tape and applying varnish to the wooden frame etc.


Most of the times when you do not take good care of you squeegee place it improperly then its blade edges become irregular creating ups and downs on the tip of blade of squeegee for this purpose clean up you squeegee after used and keep its blade edge regular and smooth, this will result in a regular and smooth coat on screen printing screen.

Registration Marks for stencil:

If you mark the edges of your screen and make registration marks on frame edges of the screen then this will help you to place the design on proper place and aligned on the screen and resulting well aligned stencil on screen.

For this purpose take two rectangular pieces of newspaper equal in size and shape of you design carrying paper and place then one above the each other, make sure that design area should be there on newspaper so that you have an idea that where design is standing on the screen. Place these pieces of newspaper on the screen and mark there boundaries with pen on the screen so that you can place the screen in this boundary.For more detail of registration marking watch this free tutorial video of screen printing now and learn more about all the process of screen-printing on this website.