This is an introductory tutorial for the learners of screen printing. The screen printing provides you platform to run your business at smaller scale at home. It is very easy to learn and you can manage it with less investment. Only few tools are required for initializing your business and don’t worry about how to learn screen printing without any guide or tutor. If you have internet connection, then there is available all the stuff on the screen. Just search the relevant problem and its solution will be before you in a matter of second. First of all let us to introduce the components and tools for screen printing. The screen, scoop coater, squeegee, water pressure pipe or bottles are known as popular items in screen printing. The screen in known as central part of silk screen printing, all the printing is because of screen.

screen-printing-classThe screen copies the stencil using emulsion, emulsion is a chemical material which is applied for achieving sketch of desired print. It is applied with scoop coater from top to bottom on both sides. The scoop coater is designed especially for applying emulsion, its shape has inward space where the emulsion is put on, and then it is applied on screen. Take great care when applying emulsion because the scoop coater’s edges may damage the screen. Make sure that emulsion is applied nicely on the both side of screen then it is erected in front of sunlight for specific time period. After this, it is ready to wash out, use water spray bottle to clear the emulsion from screen.The cardboard or foam is used to dry the dampness from screen. Choose the medium and then the sketch is attached on it with glue or magic bond. You can use same method for T-shirt printing, although screen can not support T-shirt length, therefore it is printed through screen printing machine. You will learn about T-shirt printing in our next tutorials.