Screen Printing Permaset Aqua Inks: In this screen printing video tutorial you will learn how to make best choice for screen printing ink when you are doing screen printing as business. Here in this screen printing video training lesson we shall introduce you with screen printing inks and then one of the best professional quality inks for screen printing.

In Screen printing process there are mainly three types of inks used for screen-prints one is water soluble screen printing in ink, Acrylic screen printing ink other textile ink which are used for screen printing of textile material e.g. for tee shirt screen printing and sports shirts screen printing or other type screen printing of clothing material.

Permaset Aqua is a product of Australian brand of screen printing which provides you screen printing inks with all the qualities you want in screen printing ink or you will learn if your approach does not reach to this product then what type of qualities your screen printing ink should have?

Aqua Inks

Properties of the best Screen Printing Ink:

  • The most important thing about screen printing ink is that screen printing ink should have smooth impression so that that person wearing screen printed cloth should feel comfort.
  • Your screen printing ink should be water based and environment friendly.
  • Screen printing ink should be wash resistant, rub resistant, and chemically resistant.
  • Most important thing about screen printing ink is that your screen printing ink should have colors which are permanent and have clear impression.
  • Moreover in screen printing your screen printing ink should have very fine particles which can pass through 355 mesh types.
  • Screen printing inks should also have ability to stand by high temperature during drying of screen prints that is approx. 150°C (300°F).

This free video tutorial tells you about Permaset Aqua one of the best brands in the world for screen printing inks. So watch and learn about screen printing inks and if you want to prepare your self then watch our free video lesson for preparing ink for screen printing.