Natural Blend Effect: Gives you opportunity The screen printing gives you opportunity to work on screen to get fine and smooth printing with ease. This method is not much laborious and you can do it easily at your home. In screen printing you have a simple screen having emulsion and get the stencil for required task.

Most of you are familiar to this traditional method. You can use it as the source for employment, you can print the T-shirt, school badges and stamp printing with this method on smaller scale. The printing presses are still using this method for the basic printing. It requires much techniques and experience to work for screen printing. Screen, the basic tool of screen printing is made up of fine and smooth mesh and can be damaged with just a little intensity. This site is learning you about all the primary and secondary concepts of screen printing.

If you are going to learn screen printing at home, then this site will provide you enough content for this purpose.


You will learn about screen printing natural blend effect on some kind of text.There is a shirt which has several color combination and then we want to adjust the color setting level at best by passing it in the screen process. Take that shirt and then apply emulsion color that you want for blending, apply this emulsion on the shirt with squeegee. Then you will see that the shirt will have incredible blending effect and completely changed from previous look.