Here are the best screen printing video tutorials where you will learn how to screen print any type of article with screen printing. You will learn all the process of how to screen print t-shirts, how to screen print cards, how to screen print plastic badges and other plastic goods’ screen printing, you will also learn how to make best sport shirts with cheap screen printing process but excellent screen printing designs. We shall also teach you how to screen print wooden articles for creating excellent screen printing designs on wood.

Here in this less on of screen printing you will come to know how to make choice of Printing material which you have to use for screen printing. You will learn cheap screen printing process for more advance process of screen printing you require more advance screen printing stuff.

For the beginners of screen printing I shall recommend to first learn all the Printing material and process with cheap screen printing stuff and then move on to the screen printing with machines as for being a doctor you first have to dissect frog then you move to patients when experience. That’s a little joke as an example! Now we move on to our screen printing. Our experts will explain all the printing material process of screen printing with comprehensive details and you will enjoy and learn all the process of screen printing. After learning screen printing here you will be able produce satisfaction in you screen printing Printing material and process.

Screen printing material:

  • Screen made up of wooden or Aluminum frame
  • Silk or polyethylene mesh
  • Scoop coater
  • Rubber blade or squeegee
  • Photo-emulsion paint if you are beginner then ask for Dual Cure photo-emulsion which
    has two parts.
  • Screen printing colorants which are of three kind’s water soluble inks, permanent
    Acrylic and textile inks
  • Butter paper or plastic sheet with dark black opaque design positive on it
  • Screen holder if you can afford
  • tee shirt or any article which you want to screen print

In adding to these you should have the following substance on hand:

. Water resistant tape,1 “wide
. Screw driver
. getting on newspapers
. Sheet of cardboard
. little scrub brush
. home detergent (See pg.6)
. Scissors
. Small light or light cord by means of a standard socket
. BBA No.1 Photoflood (preferred) or a clear 150W incandescent corm
. Aluminum foil disposable pie tin by means of 10″ or 12″ diameter
. Cellophane tape
. Paper cups
. SPEEDBALL Technical Black Ink & SPEEDBALL pen
. Old towels, rags, paper towels
. 9″x12” piece of goblet, Plexiglas, or locate
. Rubber gloves
. Apron or smock


An additional luxury is an electric fan and electric drier. This can be used to slash down the necessary drying time in the preparation of screens for printing as healthy as the drying of prints.
For learning all the process of screen printing you watch our free tutorial videos now.