creen printing is the best choice to make for small home business plan which can give turn out of the thousands of dollars. You can start tee shirt screen printing at home, plastic badges screen printing at home, wood printing at home, posters screen printing at home, greeting cards screen printing at home and many more these are the highest demanding low budget plans of the screen printing.

Screen printing at home start with lesson than $ 500.00 with classical mechanism of screen print. And once you are the expert of the screen printing then you make further step for some digital and electrical instruments for more advance and modern screen printing but initially it is the best recommended way to start screen printing at small level because using heavy machines without knowing their ways to use can cause lost for you which is very bad for any investment.

How to Screen Printing at Home

But you have learned screen printing and have good knowledge and your budget scheme is also affording the stuff then of course you can start screen printing at advance level. But remember that screen printing can be started at hundred dollars with perfect quality and thousands dollars too it is totally up to you.

Screen printing stuff:

  1. Rectangular smooth edged uniform wooden frames or metallic made up of aluminum.
  2. Polyethylene mesh of different pores size ranging from 100 to 355 mesh counts.
  3. Nail with hammer or glue
  4.  Photo-emulsion paint with sensitizer
  5.  Squeegee, scoop coater
  6. Tee shirt to be screen printed
  7. Design to screen print on butter paper/plastic sheet, design should be dark, opaque
  8.  1000 watts bulb
  9.  Clean and smooth table with screws to hold the frame during screen printing
  10. Water pipe system for water pressure washing
  11. Ink to be used for screen printing
  12.  Drier
  13.  Detergents, Ink remover ‘Plastisol’ ink washer or any else

How to Screen Printing

This the list of the stuff for screen printing this screen printing stuff is easily available and you should also have some sort of advertisement of you screen printing press. We shall tell you about that.

Watch this video and learn how to manage your screen printing press at home for screen printing and how to screen print tee shirts at home.