Screen printing is the best small business opportunity. Even you can do this small business at home. No doubt that when you will establish your business you will have to adopt advanced techniques but in start it is strongly recommended for you to begin at home with a single wooden frame.

For starting a t-shirt printing business you do not need to spend a lot of money for arranging each and everything. You just begin with as low budget as you can.

Screen printing business cannot be won by spending much money just this business can be established with idea and plan of your mind. Yes it’s true. Suppose you want to start t-shirt printing business by spending not much money.

What is necessary for you in this case to make your mind as a good screen printing businessman who start his business from thinking distribution of printed pieces and when he is satisfied from his plan he starts to learn the screen printing skill until he becomes an expert, then he plunge into the business. Learning screen printing is not so difficult because screen printing is based on some chemical formula which will be stated in next lesson for you.

screen printing as small business

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Because from here you will not only get one type screen printing. go Google or yahoo, and you will back here because we are telling each and every secret of screen printing as well as we are going to teach you all possible small businesses with screen printer or etching in almost all fields. A very little amount of chemistry is involved in this type of skills but don’t worry we are going to guide you step by step each and every thing.


Screen printing is very detailed and enhanced form of stenciling in fact. You expose the screen like you expose the photograph using some chemical process. First you make a screen like a photographic film by coating a layer of emulsion on it and then you expose the in flood light. You get a photograph on the flat tight skill of the screen. You use a printed transparent paper as a positive or negative when you expose the screen in sunshine or flood light. After exposing the screen you develop the screen with fresh water. Thus you get a very high quality stencil in fact. A silk mesh has a number of very little holes in per square inch of it.

Thus the business of screen printing comes first in ease and liability over all other small business. From this place you can easily learn and then decide what field of screen printing suits you.