This tutorial tells us about how to make screen printing artwork basics style. The artwork is something different from actual screen printing. It is just like a design made for other purpose like T-shirts and other items. You can design for these artworks in Adobe Photoshop because it is the best editing software for designing and editing.

So first of all you would have to use Adobe Photoshop for creating design.

The Adobe Photoshop works with layer system go to file menu and chose new file.

Write some text there say, “USA”.

Now select different size for the text, maybe with 100 as well as designing font. If you want to show every alphabet in different color, then in this case you would have to use separate layer for each time.

For every single alphabet, create a new layer, go to select tool then text tool and write that specific word. So do the same with “S” and “A” for the text “USA”. So write single alphabet for each time and take a print view. It will display the quality of text size and setting. Use same process for all the three words, so now the text is ready for register mark for T-shirt printing.