This is a go after educational silk screen printing video which features Ryonet’s water proof inkjet film positives for creation screens for silk screen printing. It seems the last 2 videos featuring this product opened up a can of worms and I wanted to straighten out a few things by just reviewing the film itself. In this video I make clear the true intent of the first 2 and I give you my opinion on the Ryonet R-Film.

Just know that water proof inkjet film positives in general will work best with dyes based inks and when printing halftones RIP software is essential. But when you are just printing spot colours you can output straight form Illustrator or Coreldraw using dye or pigment based inks and still get a great film positive with the Ryonet water proof R-Film. Learn how to screen-print for fun or for profit!

Ryonet's-Water-Proof-R- Film

Learn How to Screen-Print T Shirts At Home

Screen Printing Product Review-Ryonet’s Water Proof R- Film