This tutorial will help you to decide which kind of screen you should use for screen printing. The screens are available of different size and shape in markets as well as in workshop. You can choose them according to your use and requirements. The screen is first prepared for screen printing process; Make sure that screen should be clean smooth and flat. The screen which is made up of thin mesh considered most suitable for printing because thin mesh has quality to absorb ink or emulsion. This method is applied only for single colored printing but in case of multi-color printing, you should use separate screen for each time instead of one screen after washing.


For multicolor printing, multiple screen printing stand is used which contains more screens at the same time to make you fluent in your work. The water spray and special gel is used to remove the excessive emulsion after one applied operation. If we talk about the video tutorial, there is shown about screen usage and removal of emulsion. Special chemicals are recommended which are used for the removal of emulsion. Some necessary equipment is shown in this video which is used in screen washing but take great care while washing the screen because of its soft smooth mesh.