As you all know that screen is necessary part of screen printing. You have to use screen almost in every kind of screen printing but in some cases the screen is not used or latterly used. You can use smooth flat surface for printing which is used mostly in traditional methods. Take smooth flat surface and place a towel or fabric there to avoid the printing from dust. The shirt is kept on the cloth and the stencil is fixed on the shirt with scotch tape.

The scotch tape is used so that the stencil could not move to and fro. The rest of procedure is approximately same for obtaining printing. Apply two or more strokes of emulsion and then release the stencil paper.The design will be there on the shirt.

The design will be wet at that time, therefore keep it in front of electric fan or pass through from the steam exposing machine. The shirt will be dried out in a few second and will be ready for selling.This procedure is used in case of absence of screen and following video link is also showing same process.