Textile printing is a wonderful technique that is used for the assigning color on the fabric at industry level. The textile printing requires design at first and then it is printed on the fabric. You can also create these designs yourself using Adobe photo shop. The nice and smooth designed pattern inspires the viewer and it also shows your nature.

In this act it is kept in mind that color or design should be permanent and they do not leave any color. Therefore at fabric dying time, it is printed with dark color and chemical.

Multi Color Design

It is easy to design the fabric with one color and if you are said to print the multi-color design, then in this case you have to apply these color in parts and with different design. The tradition method for textile printing is stencils, carved wooden blocks and boards. They are already designed and just need color for printing on the fabrics.

Usually thick colors are selected for printing because they do not spread or mixed up with design or other color. It is recommended to use the resisting color that does not take affect of any chemicals or materials. Although bleaching powder or solution are used for removing the unnecessary color from the fabrics. This technique was included in the 19th century and still it is using with consistency.