Here you are going to learn about school badge printing with traditional screen printing method. The traditional screen printing is mostly created for simple small material. Generally the school badges, T-shirt and rubber stamps are printed with this method.

Now a day in this advanced period, still the expert prefer simple screen printing method as the best. There is similar method for all kind of printing if you are working in screen printing. The traditional material will be always used there.

The screen is the main part in screen printing, besides them the emulsion depending upon your desired printing, squeegee and other unnecessary material.

There school badge’s text is first printed with simple technique of screen printing on any material but suggested material is transparent material. The text design is obtained by computerized writing, can be done in MS Office. Once you have selected the font and size, then using screen printing you can get it on transparent material.

I think it is not necessary to describe whole procedure here because most of you are familiar with this primary stage of printing, if not then go back to previous tutorials and find about how to print T-shirt, rubber stamp or school badge in silk screen printing method.