How to Media Graph Deco Frame 1051: It is wonderful experience to work under the screen printing application. The screen printing provides you better result with simple technique.

The user can create outstanding printing with smaller amounts. You can say it is more profitable with less labor. Using screen printing you can start simple business using its commands and tools. You can print out T-shirt printing, badge printing and stamp printing with this general system.

T-shirt printing with Deco frames

T-shirt printing with Deco frames

In this tutorial you can see that how to T-shirt printing with Deco frames. The method is same as for the other general printing. Another thing to remember is that use the color screen printing for this purpose.

The specific machine has a board on it and where the shirt or other printing material is putting. Say we want to print deco frame on T-shirt, place the T-shirt on the machine board. Keep the printed stencil on the shirt and apply heat pressure from machine. The machine has shape like photo state machine. The heat pressure tool works like an iron.

This will dry the wet screen printing for drying out. It will transfer the same image to the shirt with ease. Through this color printing machine you can create a lot of shirts at a time applying multicolored. Printing with this machine, you nothing need of any extra component, it does all the function in one machine neatly. The T-shirt printing companies use this method for their production at business level.