In this tutorial of screen printing tutorial you will learn about printing machines with ink and screen. All the screen printing process can be handled at basic level by the concept of custom screen printing, but later on it thought that printing machines are much better in this case instead of repeating same process again and again.

Therefore T-shirt printings are also belonged to screen printing application but it does not support by mini screen. For this purpose, T-shirts printing are designed and printed on screen printing stand board machine. This machine has multiple screens at a time and you can get same print at one time without any problem.

Screen Stand Board Machine

It makes you ease in printing any order or booking and this kind of printing method are used in fabric industries. The screen printing techniques are yet applied on screen stand board machine.

Usually black and white shirts are considered suitable for printing because these colors have ability to match with any color and contrast. Make sure that your shirt is well pressed before printing, in other condition the design will not transfer well onto T-shirt. The design can be obtained from online designing sites or you can own create design for your shirt by using Adobe Photoshop.

In this video tutorial you will see that a new machine is used for printing named as yudu. This is although very small to look at but still useful to work. It has almost having every function related to screen printing. The following video will show you different features of yudu screen printing machine.