Printing badge: Learn here about how to find color for your screen printing at home. The screen printing provides you such platform where you can earn money at home with this technique. The screen printing is the best option for jobless people to start their mini business.

There is no need of any huge stuff of anything for starting screen printing, only few things are necessary at initial stage and then it is depended upon you how much you want to increase your business. The screen printing workshop does not need any compound or vast area; you can manage it in small room.

School Badges and Stamps

The screen printing process is also helpful for T-shirt printing and for school badges and stamps. You can design for them using custom screen printing techniques. If you want to print your T-shirt with multiple colors then you should apply them one by one. The color should be strong to bear the resistance and does not effect while washing.

The school uniform shirts are sometime made up of cheap material of fabric and they do not bear any resistance. Therefore always purchase those shirts which have powerful color and 100% cotton clothes. The color for screen printing can be prepared by you at home. For this purpose we need only few materials. This site is teaching you about how to prepare color for printing with useful properties, they will not affect after washing and design will not be distorted. This video is here especially for screen printing about preparing color for high level bonding ability. Watch the video to learn color preparation.