In this screen printing tutorial, you will learn about how to print on black T-shirt with yellow color. But let me brief you little bit about screen printing and how it works. T-shirt is kind of dress that is usually wore in western countries.

It is suitable for both ladies and gents at the same time. These shirts are printed with wonderful images, sometimes scary also, and with funny and decent quotation. Shirts are also printing under the screen printing process.

Front Side and Back Side

Some shirts are printed from front side while other are from back. It can be printed on your own demand. It is very easy to print out the shirt at home, if you are interested in it, this tutorial will be right guide for you. T-shirt are printed with large printing machine. This printing machine is made especially for T-shirt printing. There are holding boards on the machine and T-shirt is placed on it. There are 5 to 7 screen frames attached to this machine.

t shirt black tan print

It helps you to work with tremendously in short time. Just place the shirt on the board and put screen on it. Do the same matter with other frames also. Now apply mesh on the shirt from down to upward position. Pick up the screen and you will see the print will be transferred on the shirt. Keep the shirt in pressure for drying. Your simple printing T-shirt is ready, you can also use multi-color on your shirt and we shall discuss about this typical printing in our next tutorial. So stay here and learn more.